03.02.2023 - 06.01.2024

Nicoleta Auersperg, Nadine Lemke, Jürgen Münzer, Mara Novak, Noushin Redjaian, Marit Wolters, Hui Ye.

Curated by: @gomoartspace

“With a broad artistic gesture, SHOW SHOW casts concepts such as empowerment, self-staging and selfoptimisation into the exhibition space and brings to question exclusivity of artistic creation as well as authority and expertise in art. In recent decades, the DIY movement has become increasingly influential in digital culture as well as in the art scene. The democratisation of artistic processes can no longer be denied; online resources antutorials in all areas are a reality. The exhibition scratches the surface of this supposed democratisation of art production through DIY and tutorials and humorously questions the dogmas of authority and expert knowledge in art production. DIY was once a punk movement, clearly positioned against commercialisation and in favour of democratic participation. By comparison, the majority of today’s DIY endeavors have been completely commercialised. SHOW SHOW makes these contradictions a subject and object of artistic exploration.