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Associated curators:
Theodor Præst Nymark Jensen, Sofus Keiding Agger, Christine Dahlerup, Hedvig Tygstrup Grieffenberg, Adam James Hommel Varab & Frej Volander Himmelstrup.



From Green To Grey by Nushan Rose Roshiani


State of Affairs by Bob Bicknell-Knight

Homesick Gallery

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Figures of Speech//Functional Escape

SALON 75 Presents Valentina Makarova Sekisova
31 May - 14 June 2018

“Figures of Speech//Functional Escape”

Epilogue of a private performance in Copenhagen 2018

“Epilogue" is the last part of a private performances held in Copenhagen by Russian artist Valentina Makarova-Sekisova, associated with two connected themes:

“Figures of Speech” explore the movement of a person in the urban space, focusing on the study of human behavior in public places and human reflection on the urban environment, fixing the variability of the lines of movements and their dependence on conditions and circumstances.
“Functional Escape” is a method of periodically cutting out a given role, as a way to rethink existing forms of speech and communication, including positions, hierarchies, motifs, codes and state of things. It’s an observation of continuous reflection, in which the speaker and the listener constantly change places.
“Epilogue" implies a joint discussion of the existing urban system, our movements, goals and senses, short conversations with passers-by, the functions and tasks that we practice every day.