Leonie Kellein, poorspigga, Mira Mann, Frederik Worm, Organ of the Autonomous Sciences

Curated by Adam Varab, Hedvig Greiffenberg & Sofus Keiding Agger @ Salon75


Heit, Eichendorffstr. 5, 10115 Berlin

The third chapter of the Portals exhibition series Stile Gazing presents works by five positions dealing in each their own ways with strategies of instrumentalizing the gaze, or through the gaze, then the image. We shape our tools and thereafter our tools shape us. By either enhancing or dissolving these systems the works examine the gaze and the structures thatproduce it. We say, look into the sun and engulf in what truth you find lying and fall back wondering what you were even looking at in the first place.


Portals is an exhibition concept initiated by Salon 75 in Copenhagen Denmark, ranging across Europe and cross-pollinating several similar platforms. From the summer of 2022 until thesummer of 2023, Salon 75 has facilitated collaborations with artist-run galleries: Berlinskej Model (Prague), GOMO (Vienna), The Balcony (Haag), and Heit (Berlin). Each venue partakes in presentations across each others respective platforms.