Salon 75 presents

“Oh darling, Let’s run with the turtles”

An duo-show by @arthurcordierarthur and @timmy_oruss

Opening on 23rd of July 17:00-20:00

The opening chapter of a cycle of exhibitions initiated by @salon75_ (Copenhagen, DK) and co-hosted by @thebalcony_thehague (The Hague, NL).

The exhibition is loosely inspired from the legacy of the renown The Whole Earth Catalog originally published from 1968 to 1971. The catalog became an instant-classic among the counterculture. Thanks to its environmental orientation and embodying a do-it-yourself/self-sufficiency mentality, under the slogan “access to tools”, it indexed alternative and esoteric knowledge. In a speech from 2005, Steve Jobs compared it to the early stages of Google.
Half a century later, in a world dominated by efficiency, where people and goods travel the globe relentlessly, the Whole Earth Catalog assumes the status of an utopian vision.
In a moment in which slowing down seems impossible, running with turtles becomes a strategy of resistance.

“Oh darling…” shouts an ungraspable entity, where the works instead of trying to fill the void of the exhibition space, almost amplify it. A series of footprints on the walls, a suspicious backpack and what appears to be an oddly cropped ad from the Dutch national airline KLM, are remnants of a human presence, now absent, always in transit.

Daaaaamn son!

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