1.Feb - 15. Feb 2018.

An anxious reaction,

Deterrence - attraction

In the deep of the woods,

I’m sweeping to soothe,

Denying the distance,

A distance to truth

A grunting nearby

A Grunting for change

A method for waking

Awaken in pain

Laughing and crying

It’s enough that I’m trying

                 Group exhibition by:
Bjarke Jepsen
Filip Vest
Daniel Jacobsen
Theodor Nymark
Anna Walther

Anna Walther “Bad Reflection” 2018

Theodor Nymark “Text Me From The Forest Floor” 2018

Daniel Jacobsen 
“Untitled” 2018

Daniel Jacobsen 
“De_Train” 2017   “De_Dust ” 2017

Bjarke Jepsen
“Camping by Charleston Rd” 2018

Anna Walther  “Domestic Comfort” 2018 Theodor Nymark
“This Isn’t Even My Final Form” 2017

Daniel Jacobsen
“Pizzadreams” 2017

Filip Vest
“Act 1079” 2018