Drafts of Ecology: Das Irrlicht (Dank) is a publication, project, and conceptual prism that, endeavours to employ ecological thought as a means to construct an atmospheric and intellectual synthesis, connecting the banks between the realms of industrial and scientific development and the domains of spirituality and sensibility.

This prism seeks to shed and scatter light to investigate and illuminate the intricate interplay between these seemingly disparate spheres, positioning itself at the junction of tangible environmental impacts and the intangible dimensions of human experience and understanding. From this vantage point, the project aspires to foster a multifaceted dialogue that radically evaluates the dynamics at play between technological advancement and our spiritual and perceptual engagements with the surrounding environment, thereby advocating for a more integrated and comprehensive approach to ecological consciousness. The work initially aims to explore to what extent historical conceptions of land, predating and following the advent of agriculture and the evolution of industry, influenced our temporal continuum, and how these changing perceptions of the environment paralleled the cultural and artistic manifestations of our societies.

The compilation features contributions from scholars and practitioners who share a common interest in exploring similar ideas. It aims to reexamine the ways we distinguish and separate different areas of thought, suggesting that rethinking these divisions could be key to creating a more unified understanding across various belief systems.

Contributors: Theodor Nymark, Morten Fischer Mortensen,
Ireen van Dolderen & Jamie Walker, Kasper Opstrup,
Sara Mering, Soo Ryu.

The book is still available at the bookstore of Kunsthal Charlottenborg and in the office of Salon 75.
Soon also available in various book shops and online. 

1st edition, 150 copies.
Custom and unique silkscreen algae pigment cover

Salon 75 Publishing
ISBN: 978-87-975229-0-5
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