A Faint Smell of Sulfur

Solo show by Paul Barsch (DE)

Salon 75
Peter bangs vej 75, Frederiksberg
Opening 3rd of July 16:00-20:00
Curated by Theodor Nymark

Ancient wind long ago sent man into caves and stirred him to erect walls. The contemporary space both enclosed and open, in their manifestations attempt to obviate the brutish phenomenons of the natural and synthetic. It is an architectural masking of both death and discomfort, a promise of safety. In the office’s design the structure of the erosive cybernetic project can be felt in elongated states of static postures and pathways of hive-like labyrinths all leading in the direction of production.

To mitigate the health of the dividual as to insure a continual output, the society of control has implemented variegated forms of safety, such as ergonomics and legal levels of toxicity. The limits and forms of safety remain capricious and attuned to the wills and “needs” of the state.

This required algebra expresses itself in numerical logic, a deformative process of patternernizing signification. A science determined to flatten out and pin down. Air holes rendered for pure breath have been stuffed and filled with malignant debris. The stagnant pain of desk-time. The harness rubbing skin raw. The smell of sulfur seeping up and leaking out, bleeding mercaptan from lines of domesticated survival, or rising from intestinal tracts of hidden plumbing, a ghost of excrement and waste.

Written by Ian Bruner aka @rhizomeparkinggarage