The Tired Mask of Spring


Most uncanny of all was a mysterious phenomenon that began with the animal invasion, increased rapidly,
and led to the Dream Kingdom's complete collapse — the crumbling process. It attacked everything.
Buildings made of all sorts of materials, objects collected through the years, everything that the Master had
spent his gold for, all this was doomed to destruction. Cracks appeared simultaneously in all the walls, wood
rotted, iron everywhere turned to rust, glassware grew muddy, cloth disintegrated. Valuable works of art fell
irremediably victim to an inner decay, for which no adequate cause could be found.
A sickness of lifeless matter. Mould and mildew invaded the best-kept houses. There must have
been an unknown, destructive substance in the air, for fresh food, milk, meat, and later on eggs became sour
and rotten in a few hours. Many houses began to collapse and had to be quickly abandoned by their
tenants. On top of that came the ants! They were found in every crevice and fold, in clothes, in wallets, and in
people's beds The biggest, the green, were in every crack in the walls and in the open country, wherever one
set one's foot. The white, by far the most dangerous, transformed woodwork into powder. The most irritating,
beyond question, were the red, for they elected to make their homes on the human body. At first, scratching
was considered bad form and was carried on only in private. But what can one do when one itches? In the
French Quarter everyone had been scratching for a long time. We had laughed at them — and soon were
doing the same thing.

- Alfred Kubin, The Other Side

Salon 75
Peter bangs vej 75, Frederiksberg
Opening 12. June 18.00 - 21.00
13/6/2020 - 26/6/2020

“Knotted Figure by Window” 2020
60 x 37 cm
Oil on canvas, artist frame

“The Tired Mask of Spring” 2020
141 x 107 cm
Oil on canvas, artist frame

“Dragging Bell” 2020
35 x 27 cm
Monotypi på papir

“Knotted Figures” 2020
40 x 55 cm
Oil on canvas, artist frame

“The Janitor” 2020
55 x 40 cm
Oil and gouache on canvas, artist frame