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Now it’s here! The Salon 75 floorplan shirt you all have been waiting for!

Besides being a neat swag for the catastrophic summer of 2020, it's also a way to fund the production and transport of the exhibiting artists for a more decent and organic work environment, making it possible for more international and less funded artists to show works in the space. Our platform is non-profit and by the means of that, we would be thrilled if you wanted to invest in our shirts as a donation for not only the exhibition space but inherently the exhibiting artists.

It comes in white, light blue, bright blue and mango

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Im Drunk And I Want To Sleep In The Bog Tonight!

Curated by Theodor Nymark

Eigil Bakdal, Signe Ralkov, Christine Dahlerup,
Frej Volander, Kristine ”Aiko” Bille, Johan Dam Westermann,
Emma Bojsen, Adam Homme Varab, Theodor Nymark.

Salon 75
Peter bangs vej 75, Frederiksberg
Opening 30. October
30/10/2020 - 11/11/2020

Adam Homme Varab

Christine Dahlerup

Eigil Bakdal

Emma Bojsen

Frej Volander

Johan Dam Westermann

Kristine ”Aiko” Bille

Signe Ralkov

Theodor Nymark


En udstilling af Finn Karentius Hansen

Curated by Surdez ApS

Finn Karentius Hansen er født i 1942 i København. Udlært møbelsnedker, og selvstændig snedkermester siden 1968.

Studerende på Kunstakademiets Arkitektskole og Billedhuggerskole.

Fra 1975 egen bordproduktion- og udstillingsvirksomhed, bl.a. på Gamle Dok, Dansk Arkitektur Center og Tegners Museum.

Peter bangs vej 75, Frederiksberg
Opening 11. September 14.00 - 18.00
12/9/2020 - 2/10/2020

"Arbejdet med bordets skulpturelle form var styret af mit ønske om indsigt i tilværelsen. Det var ikke hensigten at skabe et kunstværk. For mig rummer kunstnerisk indsats (med kreativ sammensætning af former) en mulig eksistentiel afklaring. Efter 23 års arbejde med det formål – med 18 borde, alle unikaer – viste der sig en utilsigtet geometrisk abstraktion, indflettet i optegningen at det nittende bord: Bord nr. 19. Resultatet betød at jeg, efter adskillige års analyser, blev tiltagende overbevis om, at den fornuftsstridige
abstraktion (på den flade tegning) af det virkelige bord, måske kunne bidrage til en belysning af den også fornuftsstridige kvantemekanik, som Niels Bohr havde en afgørende andel i..." - Uddrag og indledningen fra teksten Det Geometrisk Sprog af Finn Karentius Hansen d. 4. august 2020.


An exhibition by Tobias Hansen

the latency abr upt in an instance,
in an instance not even yet made
present but not now visible
developing but not now obvious

…abru ption through the bottleneck
many limitationsI many obstacles + 1
/we la g
we l ack /

limited capacity to exert effort
a form of misplaced control + 1

to hold back
to shift
sudden breaks and on again
…………………......on again + 1

Salon 75
Peter bangs vej 75, Frederiksberg
Opening 10. July 18.00 - 21.00
10/7/2020 - 31/7/2020

The Tired Mask of Spring


Most uncanny of all was a mysterious phenomenon that began with the animal invasion, increased rapidly,
and led to the Dream Kingdom's complete collapse — the crumbling process. It attacked everything.
Buildings made of all sorts of materials, objects collected through the years, everything that the Master had
spent his gold for, all this was doomed to destruction. Cracks appeared simultaneously in all the walls, wood
rotted, iron everywhere turned to rust, glassware grew muddy, cloth disintegrated. Valuable works of art fell
irremediably victim to an inner decay, for which no adequate cause could be found.
A sickness of lifeless matter. Mould and mildew invaded the best-kept houses. There must have
been an unknown, destructive substance in the air, for fresh food, milk, meat, and later on eggs became sour
and rotten in a few hours. Many houses began to collapse and had to be quickly abandoned by their
tenants. On top of that came the ants! They were found in every crevice and fold, in clothes, in wallets, and in
people's beds The biggest, the green, were in every crack in the walls and in the open country, wherever one
set one's foot. The white, by far the most dangerous, transformed woodwork into powder. The most irritating,
beyond question, were the red, for they elected to make their homes on the human body. At first, scratching
was considered bad form and was carried on only in private. But what can one do when one itches? In the
French Quarter everyone had been scratching for a long time. We had laughed at them — and soon were
doing the same thing.

- Alfred Kubin, The Other Side

Salon 75
Peter bangs vej 75, Frederiksberg
Opening 12. June 18.00 - 21.00
13/6/2020 - 26/6/2020

“Knotted Figure by Window” 2020
60 x 37 cm
Oil on canvas, artist frame

“The Tired Mask of Spring” 2020
141 x 107 cm
Oil on canvas, artist frame

“Dragging Bell” 2020
35 x 27 cm
Monotypi på papir

“Knotted Figures” 2020
40 x 55 cm
Oil on canvas, artist frame

“The Janitor” 2020
55 x 40 cm
Oil and gouache on canvas, artist frame

Bawl Screen: a topograhpy

An exhibition by Melanie Kitti